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Emplomado de habitación

Price: 195,00 €21% i.v.a. no incluido

Room leaded with 1mm and 2mm leaded melamine panels.

Paneles con 1mm170€/m2
Paneles con 2mm270€/m2
  • Cladding of all walls with 1 or 2 mm. lead, on 16 mm. white melamine board, from floor to ceiling, with each board having a 50 mm. lead overlap, to carry out the fixing in an overlapped manner.
    Leaded door with the same characteristics as above, with optional 24x18 cm. leaded glass.
    For the installation, a plan with the measurement of the room will be necessary. The price of the installation will depend on the location. Please consult us.
    Installations approved by the Radiological Protection Technical Units (UTPR).
    We can also install without a panel. Consult prices.
    Consult us for an estimate without obligation.

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